New campaign to tackle Trump-like views

Up To Us launches in Australia to resist the rise of the isolationist and nationalist Trump-like politics spreading around the globe.



New campaign to tackle Trump-like views

A new campaign – Up To Us – is launching in Australia to resist the rise of the isolationist and nationalist Trump-like politics spreading around the globe.  

Created by the Campaign for Australian Aid, the campaign’s first major action seeks to shape the role Australia plays in the world by encouraging the public to have their say in the Government’s foreign policy White Paper.   

“The timid response from our Government to President Trump’s dangerous and discriminatory Muslim and refugee ban is a good example of where the public must demand stronger leadership from our Government on the world stage,” said Director of the Campaign for Australian Aid, Tony Milne.

“Closing ourselves off from the world is a threat to global peace, security and the progress that is being made to address the toughest global challenges.

“Up To Us is for everyone who recognises that collective action is required to overcome vested interests and the toughest global challenges. The current path of self-interest, separation and isolation does not provide the answers to the conflicts that plagued 2016.

“Poverty, inequality, disease and climate change do not have boundaries. They are truly global. We cannot cut ourselves off from their impact. We must work together and forge a collective response to the injustice we see each day,” said Mr Milne.

Mr Milne added: “The public can visit to make a submission and add their voice. If the Government doesn’t listen to the public, we will produce our own People’s White Paper – the public’s vision of how Australia should engage with the world.

“Poverty, inequality and climate pollution are man-made crises and we can fix them. It’s up to us to create the world we want.”


If you’d like to arrange an interview or photo opportunity with Mr Milne, please contact Sarah Cannata on 0407 536 133.

About Up To Us

Up To Us is facilitated by the Campaign for Australian Aid, a coalition of over 50 of Australia’s aid and development organisations, churches, community groups, businesses and over 110,000 people who act for a world where all women, children and men can fulfil their potential and live a happy and healthy life.

This campaign is backed by Australia's aid & development groups

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